Asbestos Removalist (AUST) Pty Ltd 

Quality Health Safety Environmental Policy Jan 2018

As a holder of a Class A Asbestos Removal License, Asbestos Removalist (AUST) Pty Ltd find that it is essential to have a strong commitment to the safety of its employees and the environment.

We will always offer honest and accurate advice. The integrity of the business is of paramount importance as we deal with a high-risk product and “trust” returns great results for employees and clients. We work in accordance with a safety management system which integrates risk management principles aimed at establishing and maintaining a safe workplace in relation to asbestos removal activities.


The objectives of this policy are to:

  • Develop and continually improve our system for better communication between all employees and clients.
  • Conduct our activities in compliance with all applicable laws and regulations while maintaining the required level of compliance and working in an ethical manner.
  • Perform our work on budget, safely, within the required time, and fulfil the expectations of our clients while at no time compromising our compliance with our legal requirements.
  • Commit to working towards zero incidents and injuries. 
  • Have an experienced workforce that has frequent and repeat training for skills required.
  • Provide the safest and most efficient equipment to complete tasks safely and faster.
  • Provide evidence, on request, that all our activities have been performed in accordance with specified requirements


AR (AUST) Pty Ltd will achieve the above objectives by:

  • Availing ourselves of professional advice to ensure that our company complies with legal requirements including the requirements of OHS&E legislation and other requirements covering our services.
  • Continually improving the way in which we consult and communicate with employees and clients.
  • Developing procedures and policies that are guided by Worksafe Victoria’s Code of compliance for the Removal of Asbestos in Workplaces and the current OH&S Regulations.
  • Setting and reviewing our objectives, targets and policies regularly and in consultation with our employees in the framework of our Management Review process.
  • Ensuring safe work practices and initiatives are implemented and actively promoted to all by constantly identifying hazards, assessing risks and putting controls to eliminate or reduce risk.
  • Provide any training that can better develop our procedures and ability of employees to better meet all objectives.
  • Establish measurable targets to ensure continued improvement aimed at elimination or minimisation of work-related injury or illness.
  • We continually seek to improve our performance in safety by following the processes and reviews laid out in our integrated management system and by conducting regular inspections and audits.

Pablo Bettinsoli